The Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) mandates that every school has a one week (including weekends before and after) dead period during the summer for athletics and activities in order for students and families to have the ability to have some time away from school activities.  During the dead period, no school activities can be conducted–in other words, no open gyms, competitions, practices, conditioning, weight training, fundraisers or any other activity where coaches/sponsors have planned contact with students.  Students are allowed to attend other sport/camp/activity sessions, but they cannot involve the school facility or school coaches/sponsors.

Each school in the state can set their own dead periods for the summer.  Separate weeks can be set for athletics (sports) and for non-athletic activities (band, orchestra, other fine arts).  Staley High School has decided to set their dead weeks as follows:

ATHLETICS:  Sat., June 29-Sun., July 7

NON- ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES:  Sat., May 25-Sun., June 2

The building will be closed to all athletics and activities during those times this summer.

In addition, according to statewide MSHSAA rules, fall sports athletes are not allowed to attend or participate in any school fall sport activities the week prior to the first day of official fall sports practice.  In 2019-20, the first day of fall practice will be Mon., Aug. 12, 2019.  So, there will not be any organized fall sports activities from Sat., Aug. 3-Sun., Aug. 11.

Be sure to have these dates in your calendars as you prepare your summer family activities!

If you have any further questions, please contact the Activities Office.